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  • Model:DPT--PB02B
  • Capacity:21200 mAh(3.8V)
  • Input:5V/3.0A
  • USB1 output:5V/3.0A
  • USB2 output:5V/1.2A max
  • Size:133*74*23.8 mm

Product Name: Power Bank

Model No.: DPT-PB02B

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Chun Rong Zhang


product size133X 74 X 23.8mm
weight133X 74 X 23.8mm
charging devicesquick charger, USB adapter
typc-c charging volt/ current5V/3.0A (Max)
charging time5 hours
Type C output volt / current5V/3.0A (Max)
Wirelees output volt / current 5V-1.2A (Max)
USB 2.0 output voltage / current5V/3.0A (Max)
Conversion efficiencyAbout 93%,Circuit conversion efficiency, not capacity conversion
Wirelees Conversion efficiencyAbout 76%,Circuit conversion efficiency, not capacity conversion
Capacity LED indicatorIn chargingLED Flashing in charging。4 LED light on fully charged
ClickClick the power button to check the capacity  left, each LED represent 25% capacity
power consumption<120uApower consumption less than<120uA in power saving mode
power saving modemanual / automatic

1.Output to be stopped by Double Click, in power saving mode 

2.power saving model started automatically after output turn  on 30 seconds

3.output turn on by one click of button 

battery life≥300 times
cell type Li-polymer

How to use

1.Charging the device

Using the cable to connect the USB 2.0 or type C of the power bank to start charging the phone or other devices

2.charging the power bank

Using PD fast charger or usb adapter to charge the battery via type-C port of the power bank 


Using the power bank at ;east 1 time by every 3 months, Place it in a dry, ventilated place.



If you do not read the following matters carefully, leakage, explosion and burning of the batteries may occur.

Do not put the product into water or get it wet;

Do not use or store the the product near a heat source (such as fire or heaters);

Do not bump, throw or expose the product to mechanical shock;

Do not decompose the battery in the product by any means;

Do not charge the product near a fire or extremely hot conditions.

Do not use the battery if it is in abnormal conditions such as peculiar smell, heating, deformation, discolouration or other abnormalities;

Please move the batteries away from the open flame if they are leaking or giving off peculiar smell;

The electrolyte leaked may cause fire hazards or explosion.

If the electrolyte of a leaked battery invades your eyes, avoid wiping your eyes, instead, use water to wash your eyes, and immediately resort to medical help; untimely treatment may result in harm to your eyes.


Avoid using the battery in extremely hot environments, for example, within a vehicles exposed to direct sunshine or hot weather. Otherwise, the battery may ignite due to over heating, which may have a negative impact on the battery’s performance and service life.

If children are supposed to use the battery, teach them according to the manual’s instructions, and keep a close eye on them, so that they can use it in a correct manner.

When electrolyte of a leaked battery contaminates the skin or clothes, please immediately use flowing water to wash the affected area, which may otherwise lead to skin inflammation. 

Read the manual carefully, so as to install and uninstall the battery in a correct manner.

Never dispose of the battery case in dustbin, pls bring used batteries to your local battery recycling center.