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    Foldable Wireless charger dock
  • Model:DPWX-W02A
  • Input:5V/2A,9V/1.7A
  • Output:10W (Samsung),7.5W (iPhone)
  • Size:140.5 x72 x122mm
  • Wireless distance:10mm
  • Accessories:micro usb cable

Model NO.:DPWX-W02A

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JianQiao Luo


Dimension136.4 X71.7 X 15.5mm

Charging Standard

Qi-WPC 1.1.2
WeightAbout 105 g 
Working Frequency100-260 KHz
ChargingSamsung S6 original adapter, included cable
Input5V--2A ,9V--1.8A。
Output5--1.1A max,9V--1.4A max
Wireless Distance

10 mm

Best Distance0-6mm
Charging Efficiency75%
Charging PerformanceOver-charge protectionYes
Over-discharge protectionYes
Short-charge protectionYes
anti-magnetic plate materialMn-Zn


1.Use the Samsung and IOS original adapter and included micro usb cable to connect the wireless charging pad;

2.Put the phone on the pad;

3.Storage: To extend the battery life, pls use it at least every 3 month and put it in a dry place.


If you do not read the following matters carefully, leakage, explosion and burning of the batteries may occur.

Do not put the product into water or get it wet;

Do not use or store the the product near a heat source (such as fire or heaters);

Do not bump, throw or expose the product to mechanical shock;

Do not decompose the battery in the product by any means;

Do not charge the product near a fire or extremely hot conditions